Tuesday, 10 February 2009


welcome to your blog!

This is the place where you will publish information related to your Vision Forum 2009 project.

It works in parallel to the public Vision Forum blog. On your personal blog you can present your project publicly and it is also a tool to interact and stay updated with other Vision Forum participants about what you/they are doing (and to read/post reactions).

What you post information here, it will automatically show up as a short announcement on the main Vision Forum blog. When you visit the Vision Forum blog you will immediately see the recent updates of the other projects.

You activate this blog please by writing an initial post with the title and a description of your project.

If you are not familiar with Blogger, you can check this Getting Started guide. If you're experiencing difficulties don't be hesitate to contact us. Feel free to let us know if you want to add things, change the layout, etc.

To start writing, go to the Blogger Control Panel and create your new, introduction post.

(This post will self-destroy as soon as your first post will be published.)

Good Luck !